Business Management

Partial List of Services Offered:


  • Implement control procedures to assure accurate and timely receipt of income, payment of invoices and management of cash
  • Reconcile all accounts, including bank, road cash and royalty accounts
  • Prepare and issue financial statements
  • Prepare Federal, State and Local income and payroll tax returns
  • Prepare budgets, including tour budgets with "actual to budget" comparisons
  • Research, shop and administer transportation requirements (buses, trucks and airplanes)
  • Research, shop and administer production requirements (sound, lights, video, sets, etc.)
  • Coordinate risk management and insurance coverage with insurance professionals
  • Coordinate personal financial planning and investments with an investment professional
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Retirement planning, including development of pension plans with a pension specialist
  • Special projects administration, including lease vs buy decisions, loan procurement and economic analysis
  • Monitor and review recording and publishing royalty statements

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